A World of Beer: Drinking in Culture

A World of Beer: Drinking in Culture

Beer, the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, has a long and complicated history, appearing in ancient texts as far back as Sumerian writings and Egyptian hieroglyphics. In fact, as one of the earliest consumer products, archaeologists speculate that beer played a key role in the formation of civilizations. To this day, beer is found in every corner of the world and remains the third most popular drink, after water and tea.

The appeal of beer is found in its universal quality that transcends nationality, belief systems and culture. Beer is used in correlation with every human emotion. You just received great news! What do you do? Go grab a beer with some friends. Had a long hard day at work? You go grab a beer with friends. Just broke up with a significant other? You go grab a beer with friends. See a trend? The world undoubtedly loves beer and uses it in every situation to bond with fellow human beings from wedding celebrations to good ole’ Irish wakes to mourn the passing of a loved one. Because of the socializing quality that beer offers, it is a great tool to immerse yourself in a different culture. You can learn a lot about a country or region by stepping into its local bar scene. I have shared many beers with people whom I couldn’t speak the same language.

Beyond just using beer as a tool for cultural immersion, over the years this tasty beverage has become a life force by developing it’s very own “beer culture”. College campuses are defined by the presence of keg parties and beer pong tournaments. Events centered around beer have become a multi-million-dollar industry with people flocking to beer festivals, including the 6 million who attend Oktoberfest in Germany every year.  In addition, the ever growing craft beer and local brewery scene is bringing jobs and commerce to cities all over the world. Hell, it’s even become essential to the survival of the human race! I swear the birth rate would drastically plummet if guys couldn’t rely on the line “hey, can I buy you a beer?” With that said, preserving this ancient tradition is our duty as human beings… which brings me to my next point. World of Beer is offering an amazing opportunity to do just that.

World of Beer, a chain of craft beer taverns, is looking to hire three Drink It Interns to spend the summer traveling, domestically and internationally, attending local breweries and beer festivals to hunt down the best craft beer and food the world has to offer. I am perfect for the job and here are the top 4 reasons why. (Is this shameless self-promoting? Yes. But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m going for it).

Why I am the best candidate for the Drink It Internship

  1. I have been training for this job my entire life. At the age of 27, I have traveled to 13 countries and have never hesitated to dive into the local food and beer scene (especially if it was cheap). In fact, most of my favorite travel memories include beer. For example, my favorite memory from a trip to Istanbul was when I met a few local Turks who took me to a secret spot along the Bosphorous River at 5am after a night of partying. We all sat together, drinking local beer, as we watched the sunrise and listened to the Islamic pre-dawn call-to-prayer. I will never forget that moment, looking at all the mosques in the city that were sprinkled out over the hills while sitting next to the river that divided Asia and Europe. Basically I have already been doing this job for years, only for free.
  2. This position involves everything I’m passionate about: travel, writing and sustainability. I love the idea of visiting local breweries, speaking directly with brewers and helping to promote local business. Craft beer is an art, and I would be grateful for the opportunity to promote it as such. In fact, with the money that I would be able to save from this internship (which should be a considerable amount considering food, beer and lodging expenses would be covered) I plan to put it towards my “go back to school” fund. I want to get a Masters in Sustainable Tourism so that I can turn this passion into a career…which brings me to reason #3.
  3. As an aspiring travel blogger, this internship would be a life changing opportunity that I wouldn’t dare waste. I would be grateful for the opportunity to finally transition my hobby into a paying job, not to mention the exposure this position would provide. For me, this isn’t about getting paid to drink beer. (Ok, so this isn’t JUST about getting paid to drink beer). It’s a chance for me to build a professional portfolio and I would treat each assignment as such.
  4. I would also love the opportunity to work for World of Beer, as it holds a sentimental place in my heart. Having lived in South Florida for most of my adult life, I would frequent the various South Florida locations quite often. World of Beer gave me the opportunity to share my travel experiences with loved ones who weren’t able to physically go with me (aging grandparents and boyfriends who weren’t on the best terms with U.S. Immigration and couldn’t leave the country). We would stop by one of the WOB locations, order a beer from a country I had just recently visited and drink in the culture together.

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