How Annual Festivals Can Supplement Annual Trips

How Annual Festivals Can Supplement Annual Trips

Overcoming Destination Addiction Guideline #1: Seek Out Cultural Events & Festivals

Are you currently only being allotted one trip a year? Whether this is due to low travel funds or the fact that you’re only posting 2 weeks bail per year from corporate America prison, this simply isn’t enough. For those of us dealing with travel addiction, one annual trip is merely a tease. However, there is a solution. The dissatisfaction from annual trips can be offset by attending annual festivals.

Cities all across the country host yearly festivals to celebrate diversity within their community. Annual festivals give you a one day pass to immerse your senses in a cultural experience with traditional food, drinks, music and other forms of entertainment. In addition, annual cultural festivals are typically hosted by an association or organization from that particular country, region or ethnic group. For example, the Annual Greek Festival in Jacksonville is hosted by the Saint John Divine Greek Orthodox Church. With that said, annual festivals are not only a good coping mechanism for dealing with destination addiction but also are a good way to make  connections in your current city by meeting members from various cultural groups. In the month of February, Northeast Florida hosted the 2016 Annual Greek Festival and the 21st Annual Scottish Highland Games & Festival.

The Greek Festival

The annual Greek Festival is a 3 day event that incorporates the sights, smells, sounds and taste of Greece. It’s hosted by the St. John Divine Greek Orthodox Church which provides live entertainment through their own Ta Adelphia Dance Group as well as live music from the Odyssey Greek band and DJ Astatos. There are also plenty of vendors selling everything Greek from souvenirs and handmade crafts to traditional Greek Food and desserts. After a pit stop at the tavern bar for happy hour with 2-for-1 Greek wine, beer or shots of Ouzo, the famous Greek aperitif, you could join in on the Greek Folk dancing out on the dance floor. Opa!

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Northeast Florida Scottish Games and Festival

This non-profit event is presented by the Jacksonville Scottish Highland Games Inc. and held at the Clay County Fair Grounds to bring a “wee bit of Scottland” to Northeast Florida.  Here you can immerse yourself in Scottish Culture by being a spectator to the Highland athletic events and watch grown men in kilts grunt as they hoist heavy objects and throw them with the Clachneart (stone throwing), the hammer throw and the caber (the throwing of 140lbs tree trunk). You can also relax to the peaceful sound of bagpipes presented by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office Pipes and Drum Band or catch a rock show by Albannach, who plays traditional Scottish music. And after filling up on Scottish Cuisine from one of the several food vendors you can explore the artisan booths of Celtic themed goods. Also make sure to swing by the genealogy booth to learn how to research your family history and to see if you can trace your lineage to a Scottish Clan.scott 1scott 2scott 3scott 4scott 5


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