Be Like Traveler

Be Like Traveler


If you’re one of the billion people on this planet who uses Facebook, then you’re probably familiar with the “Be like Bill” stick figure meme sensation. This meme simply features an image of a stick figure (Bill) and in a passive-aggressive manner, points out obnoxious habits of social media users and encourages you to not do those annoying things and to be more like Bill. I created my own version to help those who are still discovering their own travel style.



  • Stays in major hotel chains and all inclusive resorts
  • Travels in big groups, always with tons of family or friends
  • Takes organized group tours
  • Gets obnoxiously drunk on fruity drinks
  • Brings tons of luggage
  • Dresses like he’s going on a safari
  • Has no knowledge of local culture
  • Expects everyone to speak English
  • Travels to places like Cancun and the Bahamas
  • Buys souvenirs including T-shirts that say I ‘heart’ (insert destination)

Don’t be like Tourist




  • Only stays in hostels
  • Thinks being on the road means personal hygiene goes out the window
  • Only hangs out with other backpackers from western countries
  • Travels in packs with other backpackers
  • Gets obnoxiously drunk on cheap local beer
  • Strictly sticks to routes mapped out in guidebooks
  • Wears Aladdin pants and other hippie style clothing that screams “I’m trying really hard to look like I’m not trying at all”
  • has the sudden urge to grow dreadlocks
  • sticks to Latin America and Southeast Asia
  • Typically between the ages 18-24
  • Makes cheesy go-pro videos showing them having the time of their life to the backdrop of Green day’s ‘Time of your life’
  • Probably got an STD as a souvenir

Don’t be like Backpacker




  • Environmentally and culturally conscious
  • Stays, eats & sleeps locally
  • Travels solo or with 1 or 2 close friends
  • Researched the country he’s visiting prior to going
  • Attempts to speak the local language
  • Doesn’t push personal beliefs and culture on others
  • Takes pictures and has experiences, doesn’t buy souvenirs
  • Wears his normal everyday clothes
  • Drinks responsibly
  • Tries to hang out with locals
  • Travels off the beaten path

Be like Traveler

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